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Motha hails from Portland Oregon. She relocated to Pomona California September 1973 with her family at the tender age of 7. Here in California is where her music journey began with God's anointing. She credits her brother Tim Bishop Brown, with his teaching, nourishing, guiding, fussing, encouraging and placing her in the forefront.

She's an actress. She's appeared in and starred in several plays.

An employee at the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) LA county for 29 years.

The mother of one beautiful daughter, Diquesha Payton. The grandmother of three lovely granddaughters: Genesis, Christa and Destiny. The one and only sister of two brothers, Tim Bishop Brown & Derrick "Brownie" Brown. The one and only daughter of Evangelist Shirley Benton whom she loves and respects with all of her heart.

The president, assistant director and lead vocalist with Tim Bishop Brown & Miracle Mass Choir for 25 years. She's traveled extensively across this country as well as Quebec, Canada with her brother bishop, ministering in song.

She's either worked with, recorded with and/or appeared on stage with the following:

Shirley Caesar, Andre' Crouch, Stevie Wonder, Tevin Campbell, Natalie Cole, Williams' Brothers, Kieth Pringle & P.C.C., The canton Spirituals, Kieth Wounderboy Johnson, Beverly Crawford, The Clark Sisters, Patti LaBelle, Philip Bailey, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker, James Hall, Ricky Dillard, Michael Jackson, and the list definitely goes on!!



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